A HIDDEN PARADISE in South America

► SUBSCRIBE for more travel videos: http://bit.ly/2hyQnZ1 ► INSTAGRAM! https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky/ Admittedly, I had no idea that the town of CUENCA existed before my trip to Ecuador, but I'm SO HAPPY that we made a spontaneous decision to come here on our final days in the country. Cuenca represents everything that I enjoy about South America - charming cobblestone streets, tasty street food, historic churches and hidden wonders on every corner. Sometimes when you just take a spontaneous trip, they turn out to be the best decisions -- and that's exactly how I feel about Cuenca. The next time you find yourself in South America, or Ecuador in specific, I highly recommend giving Cuenca a visit! Follow @Drew Binsky for more stories from every country in the world, and join me on Instagram! https://instagram.com/drewbinsky #DrewBinsky #Paradise #SouthAmerica TEXT ME and I will respond! +1 310 349 3854 Elevate your videos with record-label quality music from Musicbed: http://share.mscbd.fm/drewbinsky FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ►INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky/ ►FB: https://www.facebook.com/drewbinsky/ ►Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@drewbinsky WHO AM I? My name is Drew Binsky and I am going to all 197 countries in the world. I make daily travel videos about people, culture and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide, because our planet is beautiful! MORE ABOUT ME: https://drewbinsky.com/about/ CONTACT ME: drew (at) drewbinsky (dot) com +1 310 349 3854
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