Zanzibar Market Hunt šŸ‡¹šŸ‡æ

ā–  TANZANIA, ZANZIBAR: Stone Town was the first stop for a jet-lagged Heraldo after more than 3 flights and untold levels of insanity which anyone who wishes to travel these days have to contend with. As soon as I stepped off that last plane though I felt like I'd just arrived in heaven. For in Tanzania life goes on as normal. So normal in fact that buffets are still up and running at the hotels and markets are bustling with life. Naturally then I had to go on a mega shopping spree to see what the local vendors have on offer here in Zanzibar. Traditional masks, paintings by local artists and the usual soccer jerseys dominated the shops. Along the way I ran into some awesome people.... ā–  Follow me on Instagram and it may be YOU that I send the painting and the mask I bought in this video to:
Zanzibar Shopping
Market Stone Town
Shopping in Tanzania
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